Backup Policy

This policy applies to KSCloud and hosting services which include a backup plan.


The backup policy and its supporting controls, processes and procedures apply to services what have a backup service attached.


Compliance to the backup policy will be monitored by the NetOps (Network Operations) team.


The NetOps team will undertake a review of this policy.


04/08/2020 – Removed section about KS Game Servers as these are no longer in use. Added section about shared hosting service

10/07/2020 – Added section about KS Game Servers

27/01/2020 – Updated in line with the Photography privacy policy.

Policy Statement

It is KS’s policy to ensure that information is protected from loss of:

  • Availability – the information will be accessible to authorised users and processes when required.

1 – Virtual Machines

All VM’s hosted in KSClouds environment are backed up using Veeam backup and replication. These are backed up to a NAS device not attached to the KSCloud network to help prevent the spread of malware or other threats.

These backups are kept for three days before they are overwritten.

2 – Photography

The KS system will backup photography work as soon as it’s detected on our servers. This uploaded to our Backup Service Provider Wasabi. Our retention policy for our photography is indefinite. This will allow us to restore work for customers if they require it.

We backup the Master files (RAW’s) and the exported files.

If you require your work to be backed up by us, please contact with your shoot ID and we can remove it from our backup.

3 – ksCloud Shared Web Hosting Servers

All websites hosting inside the KS Shared hosting platform are regularly backed up each night to external providers. We backup the following from these servers:

  • User-generated files/web servers files (.e.g HTML, PHP, JPG etc)
  • MariaDB Databases

These backups are stored for 7 days before being deleted/overwritten.

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